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Shop FAQ

How do I take measurements to ensure proper size?

Here is a brief measurement detail that should help. As always, if you have any concerns please contact us or see a professional seamstress to help with measurements. All garments are made from standard US sizing measurements, see individual product for a measurement chart

around the widest part of her rib cage just under the arms across the breastbone

have your child bend to the side...where the natural bend is that is the true's usually an inch or two above the belly button. In little ones it will be very close to her chest measurement.

​Back waist:
This measurement is taken down the back from the shoulder to to waist.

Take measurement from the waist at the bend (see above) to where you want the hem to fall. Take it from the side not the front and hold the tape measure at the waist on an angle slightly away from the body. Should mimic the way a skirt will hang. Make sure they are looking straight ahead for an accurate measurement)

What if the garment does not look like what I was expecting?

  • We try to use the photography that best displays my product, however, there might be some slight color variation due to individual computer monitors etc. You can request a fabric swatch if needed. There is no charge or obligation to request a swatch.
  • The garments on the models photographed were made to fit them. Some aspects of clothing (strap lengths, girth) etc. are impossible to adjust for every buyer without our team fitting them in person.
  • Lily Shane Bridal is not responsible for any alterations needed. We make all clothes to US standard measurements for commercial garments. Every person’s body is different even within the same size. Some alterations may be needed to the garment. Buyer is responsible for any alterations or changes that may be needed.
  • Garments that have been altered from the condition they were sold can not be returned or refunded. You should consult a professional seamstress if alterations need to be made