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about us

Lily Shane Bridal was established in 2008. Our belief in timeless beauty and romantic undertones command such respect and awe, transporting us to a time when "tailored" really meant just that. With evolution we found Lily Shane, we provide the "link in the chain" if you will. In this crazy time in our nation, we provide a beautifully made product, and have established our company with the belief of a hands on approach.

Only one seamstress touches a garment from start to finish. We are the niche for well constructed, American made bridal apparel. So much of today's clothing is "cookie cutter", or it's so corporate, that the "personal" is lost. At Lily Shane we have a personal stake in our company and designs. We would not put a product out there we would not wear ourselves. Not only are we passionate about creating beautiful apparel and accessories. We are invested in our clients dreams and work diligently to achieve exactly what they ask for.